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"Our People Are the Product"


Provide unparalleled technical advisory services and comprehensive program management capabilities through a team of elite employees who assist our Dept. of Defense and Intelligence Community customers in executing their missions effectively and efficiently.


At TEC Solutions, our vision is to facilitate the successful execution of our customer’s missions while creating and continually maintaining a corporate identity that is built upon inclusivity, creativity, autonomy, and excellence-in-all-we-do. We aim to build long term relationships with our customers by providing unparalleled support and exceedingly great service. Foundational to our vision is a "One Team - One Mission" philosophy that is rooted in hiring and retaining a meticulously selected team of employees, teaming with other leading technical advisory businesses, and providing unprecedented 'total team support' to customers' missions.

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TEC By the Numbers


Get to Know Us

Since its establishment in 2013 by Matt Tallent and Aaron Esposita in McLean, Virginia, TEC Solutions has been on a trajectory of continuous growth and evolution. Together they were driven by a vision to create an agile SETA company prioritizing exceptional personal and customer missions.

Throughout the journey, TEC Solutions has strategically expanded its reach across contracts, customers, and locations, all without compromising on the quality of its workforce and retaining top talent.

This unwavering dedication to excellence in personnel remains at the core of TEC Solutions' success, ensuring its continued trajectory of impact in the industry.

The People At Our Core

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