Matt Tallent

Partner, President

Mr. Tallent is a founding partner and President of TEC Solutions. Matt has over 15 years of experience supporting DARPA and the DoD with expertise in technical, financial and program management support throughout the entire research and development (R&D) program lifecycle. His diverse experience base includes experience in transitioning R&D efforts to the Military Services and Special Operations end-users and is expertly familiar with the acquisition process and defining the needs of the user communities. Matt has leveraged his operations understanding by establishing and administering field trials, full-scale system testing, and early user evaluations throughout CONUS, Hawaii, and South Korea. Matt is currently the Program Lead on a $150M advanced air vehicle development and test effort, managing a full-function program office. Matt began direct customer support at DARPA in 2000 and in that time has supported well over 35 technology development efforts in four different DARPA technical offices. He has also managed R&D efforts at NASA and the Office of Naval Research (ONR). Within and beyond DARPA, Matt’s responsibilities expanded quickly, as he grew into leadership and program management roles and responsibilities. In 2003, Matt was awarded the Young Scientist/Engineer of the Year Award from the AIAA for “Guiding the Research and Development of DARPA’s groundbreaking MAFC program.” A success driven, proven leader, Matt has successfully managed large teams of highly qualified experts in support of large, complex high risk, high reward programs. His experience on all aspects of R&D programs, combined with his training in both engineering and administration enable him to see business in a truly holistic manner, and best focus on achieving stakeholder objectives. Mr. Tallent earned both a Masters of Engineering Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech.

Aaron Esposita

Partner, Chief Security Officer

Mr. Esposita is a founding partner and Chief Security Officer of TEC Solutions. In addition to maintaining TEC’s security infrastructure, Mr. Esposita provides Science, Engineering, Technical, Analysis (SETA) support to DARPA for multiple programs in the fields of Hypersonics, Advanced Weapons and Propulsion Systems. Aaron earned both his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering where his research focused on Laser Propulsion for trans-atmospheric vehicles. Following his course work, Aaron joined CENTRA Technology in 2004 as a Senior Engineer supporting multiple DARPA programs including serving as a test engineer for the MIPCC program successfully increasing the performance of conventional gas turbine engines using the Pratt & Whitney F-100 as a test platform. This work fed directly into the DoD’s initiation of a Turbine-Based Combined Cycle program and served as the low speed flow-path for a high-Mach multi-stage aircraft. Aaron also supported multiple high-Mach propulsion programs that designed and tested Dual Mode ramjet/scramjet flowpaths, including the recently flown X-51, a Mach 6 aircraft. Aaron also worked multiple flow control programs at DARPA aiming to reduce wake turbulence and maintain attached flow at high angles of attack. Mr. Esposita most recently served as the Chief Engineer for the Vulcan Program integrating a Pressure Gain Combustor into a gas turbine engine. He has also managed high-risk technology development programs that are maturing Rotating Detonation Combustors for direct thrust as well as integration into conventional combustion systems.

Rob Cowan

Partner, Executive Vice President

Mr. Cowan is a founding partner and Executive Vice President of TEC Solutions. Rob has over 15 years of experience in the defense & aerospace industry with expertise in technical and program management support ranging from fundamental scientific investigations to full rate production platforms. Mr. Cowan’s career started as a Midshipman and Naval Aviator flying high-performance fixed wing aircraft including the T-34, T-45, and EA-6B. Following Naval Officer service, Mr. Cowan joined the Boeing Company in St. Louis, MO supporting production tactical aircraft programs as a Flight System Engineer and Propulsion Integration lead. In addition to directly supporting tactical aircraft production troubleshooting and testing propulsion systems, Mr. Cowan led a group of Boeing, GE, and NAVAIR professionals to provide Navy and Marine Corps fleet operator advanced, engineering-based troubleshooting support at squadrons across the globe. In 2007, Rob joined System Planning Corporation in Arlington, VA supporting DARPA as a lead program management and technical consultant specializing in classified program execution. At DARPA, Rob currently acts as Program Lead for a $300M joint advanced space systems development and demonstration program combining cutting-edge space technology with innovative tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) in order to meet a high priority national security mission need. Mr. Cowan’s role quickly expanded beyond direct customer support into corporate and personnel management with profit/loss responsibility, strategic development of business units, and acted as PM for a $150M indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract providing engineering services to DARPA TTO. Rob has expertise working directly with senior-level decision makers across DARPA, OSD, STRATCOM, SECAF, AFSPC, AFRL, NRO, and the National Security Council to form, shape, fund, and operate high technology programs in direct support of our nation’s war-fighters. Mr. Cowan has extensive experience in large-scale complex systems integration design, development, ground/flight test, and manufacturing with a BS Aerospace Engineering and MBA.