TEC Solutions offers the below foundational pillars of employee benefits. However, we tailor the specifics of each employee benefits package to ensure that the Customer, Company, and Employee are properly incentivized in each individual case.

  1. Highly competitive base salaries. Our employee salaries reward established capability and future growth potential. TEC Solutions understands that the people define its advantage and compensates for high performing individuals with existing and strategic business relationships and skillsets.
  2. Personal annual leave of up to 4 weeks in addition to flex-time over a semi-month accrual. TEC Solutions employs individuals with unparalleled expertise, yet understands work-life balance is critical to maintaining that high level of expertise. The customer comes first and we expect our employees to be the best resource for understanding the “when” and “where” of customer requirements.
  3. 10 paid holidays per the Government Schedule. Work continues even if the customer is not in the office, however TEC Solutions fully understands that employee productivity is key to growth. TEC Solutions strives to match the schedule of the customer to maximize productivity, yet enable full coverage of tasking.
  4. Parking/transportation reimbursement. Simply stated, no TEC Solutions employee should pay additional for parking a car. We match and reimburse the parking rate of any relevant customer location. And if an employee prefers other modes of transportation, we will ensure equitable coverage of costs.
  5. 4% 401k employer match. TEC Solutions offers a 401k BB&T retirement savings plan with a competitive employer match that is accrued with a 5% employee contribution. B&BT allows each employee to select from over 12 investment options within the 401k portfolio.
  6. IT resources and recurring expenses. Our customer offers IT assets and services in order to support the day-to-day job and maintain continuing communication. If that isn’t sufficient to support both the customer and company, TEC Solutions ensures each employee has the IT resources necessary to perform at a high level, including a $50 monthly reimbursement for mobile data services.
  7. $2,500 annual medical healthcare offset. TEC Solutions does not currently offer an employer-sponsor medical plan, however does offer an annual cash offset to support employee health care costs accrued each paycheck. This offset supports each employee in their selection of a medical plan appropriate for their individual needs without a restrictive established plan.
  8. Pre-tax benefits banks. TEC Solutions offers benchmark benefits banks for health care and child care of $5,000 per annum respectively.
  9. $5,000 annual continuing education reimbursement. Continual growth of our employees is a foundation of TEC Solutions. That growth is rooted in education and industry training; TEC Solutions fully supports our employee’s advancement by offering assistance in educational expenses.
  10. Employee Short-term Disability and Childcare Leave. TEC Solutions offers benchmark employee disability benefits with a focus on maternity leave benefits determined for each individual employee and individual needs. A proper work-life balance promotes a high performing employee base and ensures the future growth of TEC Solutions.
  11. Profit Sharing/Performance Bonuses. Beyond base salary, TEC Solutions ensures its employees are properly incentivized to perform at high standards. Bonuses are based upon personal and company performance with a goal to motivate business growth and 100% customer satisfaction. Every action by each and every employee directly contributes to the success of TEC Solutions and we pride ourselves in offering our customers a capability that operates well above the standard. Performance bonuses are intended to reward capability and contribution to business growth if overall company performance is above and beyond expectations.